All of our plantable seed paper is made by hand here in Lincoln, Nebraska. The recycled fibers we use are 100% locally sourced, making our paper a natural choice for those looking for an eco-friendly option. We make our seed paper in several colors and have the ability to custom produce colors and seed mixes of your choice. Our paper measures 18″x24″ with trimmed edges. With 30 years of experience we have developed a healthy obsession for paper! An obsession that will play in your favor when working with us.

Please be aware, although we have spent years developing color formulas for all of our papers, papers are made and dyed by hand and shades may vary. While we try our very best getting colors exact every time, we can not guarantee that papers will be exactly the same color from batch to batch. You may receive colors with slight variation of darker or lighter. In addition there may be slight variations in thickness as well.

Our standard wildflower mix may contain a mixture of the following seeds: black-eyed susan, spurred snapdragon, sweet alyssum, bird’s eye, farewell to spring, dwarf catchfly, and Shirley Poppy (depending on availability).

Custom seeds, herb mixes, vegetable mixes, and colors are available upon request.

There is a 5 sheet minimum on each color. Not all papers are in stock and ready to ship. If we are out of stock we will begin production once your order is placed. If you have an in hands date in mind give us a call or email for availability. 


plantable card


We often get asked does your seed paper actually grow flowers? Our friend Kate has shared a great example for everyone! Kate at Apricity Ink specializes in wedding calligraphy, stationery and events. She kindly shared this timeline with us showing the progress of her plantable holiday cards! What a lovely Christmas gift that keeps on giving.